Dogs Similar to German Shepherds

Exploring 7 Different Dog Breeds Similar to the German Shepherd

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Dogs similar to German shepherds

Among dog breeds, German Shepherds are among the most well-known. They serve as security dogs, police dogs, and military canines and are frequently featured in films. They do well in search and rescue missions as well, and many go on to work in rehabilitation. One of the herding breeds, German Shepherds, are recognizable by their unique appearance and incredible personalities. The breed is brave, incredibly intelligent, nimble, and devoted. It makes sense that they are sought after for relationships and different jobs. They even do dog sports quite well (Dogs similar to German shepherds)

Lookalikes with Different Personalities

Belgian Malinois 

 Dogs similar to German shepherds


Sharing the German Shepherd’s build and work ethic, Malinois are even more energetic and driven. Think of them as the ultimate athlete among dogs. While incredibly loyal, their intensity demands experienced owners who can channel their boundless energy productively.

But in reality, they belong to an entirely other kind. Compared to German Shepherds, malinois are lighter, smaller, and have shorter coats. While mahogany to fawn are the typical coat colors, the black Belgian Malinois is a remarkable and distinctive variation of the breed.

Belgian Malinois, like other Belgian Shepherd breeds, are energetic dogs that love being active. They have incredible endurance, but they need frequent exercise to keep their minds and bodies active. The Malinois will gladly keep up with you whether you engage in dog sports, long walks, or intense play sessions.

White Swiss Shepherd 

Dogs similar to German shepherds

This striking breed embodies elegance with its snow-white coat and alert expression. Though similar in size to the German Shepherd, they are generally calmer and gentler, making them excellent family companions. Their intelligence shines in training, though their independent streak requires patient handling.

Belgian Tervuren

 Dogs similar to German shepherds

Don’t be fooled by their long, luxurious coat – Tervurens are agile and athletic working dogs at heart. They possess a playful spirit and eagerness to please, making them wonderful family

dogs with proper training. Their thick coat requires regular grooming, but the reward is a magnificent canine companion.

Dogs similar to German shepherds

Dutch Shepherd

 Dogs similar to German shepherds

Though they require an active environment that will keep them mentally and physically busy, Dutch Shepherds are wonderful family dogs that get along well with children and other pets. Otherwise, they risk becoming bored and destructive. As long as they have numerous play periods during the day and at least one lengthy walk, they may live in an apartment. Their early socialization will help them remain composed among strangers and new pets. Although their skin and coat will require some care if they live in a dry region, the Dutch Shepherd’s coat makes them comfortable in both hot and cold weather. If you meet the exercise requirements of the Dutch Shepherd and provide them self-assured training, you’ll have a faithful, affectionate best friend for life.

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Carpathian Shepherd Dog

 Dogs similar to German shepherds

The Carpathian Shepherd dog resembles a bigger cow dog at first appearance, but its demeanor is more similar to that of a German Shepherd. This dog is native to Romania’s Carpathian Mountains, where it fiercely defends cattle from huge predators like gray wolves and brown bears. The huge breed dates back several centuries. 

These puppies cling to their families because they are affectionate and natural protectors. Nonetheless, it’s quite typical for Carpathian Shepherd dogs to regard a single human as their master. They appear to be dishonest and unmotivated, but in reality, they are only reserving their energy for when it will be most useful.

King Shepherd

 Dogs similar to German shepherds

In actuality, the King Shepherd is a very recent breed, having emerged somewhere in the 1990s. The goal of breeders was to produce a GSD-like dog that was immune to the health problems that backyard breeders were causing them to suffer from at the time.

The greatest qualities of many well-known dog breeds, including the Great Pyrenees, Shiloh Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, and others, are combined to create the King Shepherd. 

Like the German Shepherd, they are well-known for their power and intelligence, yet despite their size, they are actually rather quiet dogs. With these dogs, positive reinforcement training is essential since they are people-pleasers.

Laekenois (Belgian Laekenois)

 Dogs similar to German shepherds

Just because of its distinctive appearance, the Belgian Laekenois is one of my favorite breeds on this list. Its wiry, scratchy coat only serves to accentuate its distinctive, serious appearance.

Nonetheless, despite its tendency to be wary and perceptive around strangers, this puppy is fundamentally incredibly loving and caring with the people it knows. 

Another breed of Belgian Sheepdog that is bred for working purposes is the Belgian Laekenois. It is fiercely protective of its family and belongings and possesses a strong herding instinct. 

Of these two dog breeds, German Shepherds are believed to be more protective even though they also have a tendency to be calmer. A smaller dog breed is the Laekenois.

Unique Looks with Familiar Traits

Kuvasz: Hailing from Hungary, this giant breed boasts a majestic white coat and independent spirit. Originally bred to guard livestock, Kuvasz remains fiercely loyal protectors. Their size and strength require experienced owners who can provide proper training and socialization.

Giant Schnauzer: This larger-than-life Schnauzer combines the shepherd’s intelligence with a playful, comical personality. Their distinctive wiry coat adds to their charm but be prepared for regular grooming. Although protective, they are generally gentle with children, making them fantastic family companions.

Bohemian Shepherd: This rare breed from the Czech Republic shares the German Shepherd’s herding instinct and loyalty. However, their black coat and slightly smaller size set them apart. Bohemian Shepherds are known for their intelligence and trainability, making them suitable for active families who can provide ample exercise.

East European Shepherd: This imposing breed, also known as the VEO, was developed in the former Soviet Union. Similar in size and build to the German Shepherd, they possess a calm and confident demeanor. Their loyalty and protectiveness make them excellent guard dogs, but their independent nature requires experienced owners. 

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Choosing Your Companion

Remember, each breed has its unique temperament, energy level, and grooming needs. Consider your lifestyle, experience level, and living environment before making a decision. Research extensively, connect with reputable breeders, and meet the dogs in person to ensure a harmonious match. Owning any dog is a long-term commitment, so choose wisely and prepare to welcome a furry friend into your life with open arms and plenty of love!


While the German Shepherd holds a unique place in many hearts, several breeds offer similar loyalty, intelligence, and athleticism with a twist. Whether you seek a lookalike with distinct personality traits like the Belgian Malinois or a unique appearance with familiar qualities like the Giant Schnauzer, remember, responsible dog ownership requires research and understanding each breed’s specific needs. With careful consideration and an open heart, you can find the

perfect canine companion to embark on countless adventures and build a lasting bond beyond the “shepherd” label.


Q: I love the German Shepherd’s look, but can’t handle their high energy levels. Are there calmer options?

A: Absolutely! Consider the White Swiss Shepherd for its elegance and gentle nature, or the Bohemian Shepherd for a smaller, calmer companion with similar loyalty.

Q: I live in an apartment and prioritize a playful, family-friendly dog. Any suggestions?

A: The Belgian Tervuren might be your ideal match! Though energetic, they are known for their playful spirit and trainability, making them excellent family dogs in smaller spaces.

Q: What about unique-looking breeds with similar loyalty and protectiveness?

A: The Kuvasz with its majestic white coat or the Giant Schnauzer with its comical personality and protective nature could be interesting options. Remember, their size and independent nature require experienced owners.

Q: I’m open to adoption, are there similar dogs available in rescues?

A: Yes! Many shelters and rescue organizations have mixed-breed dogs with German Shepherd traits. Research reputable organizations in your area and meet adoptable dogs to find your perfect match.

Q: Where can I learn more about these breeds before making a decision?

A: Start by researching breed-specific websites and clubs. Connect with reputable breeders and, whenever possible, meet the dogs in person to assess their temperament and needs. Remember, adopting from a shelter can also offer a loving dog with similar qualities!





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