Why Is My Dog Not Eating Enough But Drinking Water Properly?

Dog Not Eating, Only Drinking Water?

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Why Is My Dog Not Eating Enough But Drinking Water Properly?

Why Is My Dog Not Eating Enough But Drinking Water Properly?

Here’s An Outlook With  4 Broad Reasons On Loss Of Pet’s Appetite

Dogs eating less but drinking water normally can happen due to any underlying condition such as illness or even environmental changes. Eating less food at times is okay while a complete loss of appetite even for a day must not be ignored and examined by a vet. So, you are wondering Why Is My Dog Not Eating Enough But Drinking Water Properly? Wondering if he is losing appetite? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the answers you’re looking for!A full puppy is a happy puppy but there might be instances when your fur baby might not feel like eating. Your dog losing appetite all of a sudden can be quite stressful, especially if you are a new pet parent. If your dog is not eating but drinking water then there might be some underlying issues. In order to determine these potential problems, you need to pay attention to his symptoms. Every pet is different and just like humans, they also possess different eating habits. Your dog not eating enough but drinking water normally can be a sign of something harmless like nausea or may also indicate a hidden illnes.

Here are some reasons why your pet is experiencing anorexia i.e. a fall in appetite or desire for food and how to fix this issue. 

Why Is My Dog Not Eating Enough But Drinking Water Properly?

Why Is My Dog Not Eating Enough But Drinking Water Properly?

  • Not eating sometimes is okay but things start to get concerning if your furry friend faces a persistent loss of appetite. 
  • Chances are he might just be a little sick. But what does that mean? 
  • Pay attention to your dog’s symptoms and you just might find out in no time.

Why is my dog not eating but drinking water?

Medical illness 

From a harmless stomach upset to issues in the lungs, it can be anything. The reason why your dog is losing appetite can be a sign of an underlying health problem that might be budding deep within. 

We’re listing some of the medical issues that could be hampering your pup’s eating habits. Scroll down to take a look!

  • Gastrointestinal Disorder — This is a common disease in dogs that negatively affects their appetite. This manifests in the form of constipation, drooling, diarrhea, abdominal pain and vomiting. Take a trip to the vet as medication can easily cure this ‘not so serious’ acute illness. 
  • Dental Issues — If your furry companion gives you puppy eyes when offered dry food, then he might be facing jaw pain or even sharp tooth pain. If this is coupled with excessive drooling and chewing slower than usual, visit the vet ASAP! Tooth decay also makes it painful for dogs to chew, making him eat less but drink water. 
  • Stress — Dogs are emotional creatures. It doesn’t take much for them to get trapped by stress and their health gets worsened by anxiety. This can, almost immediately, hamper their diet. Many dogs also have separation anxiety so try not to leave your pup alone for too long or he might stop eating. 
  • Chronic illness — However, a gradual loss of appetite might also be a sign of something serious. It can be very hard to tell by simply noticing the symptoms. Usually, serious illnesses like cancer or cardiovascular diseases can only be determined with proper diagnosis. Look out for these and rush to the nearest vet in case symptoms persist. 


Unlike humans, dogs tend to age much faster. The average life of dogs is 10-13 years. As they age, dogs lose their appetite. There is nothing to worry about as this is a natural phenomenon. Usually, this occurs as a gradual reduction in eating quantities and drinking water mostly remains the same. A sharp fall in appetite must not be ignored and diagnosed duly. Other than that, if your pup is older now, it’s natural of him to eat less.

Why Is My Dog Not Eating Enough But Drinking Water Properly?

Stale Food

  • Have you been checking the expiration dates of the dog food? 
  • Are you suddenly feeding him your leftovers? 
  • Have you noticed a reluctance to eat food but your dog drinks enough water?

These are a few questions to ask yourself before jumping to the conclusion that your furry baby is sick and hence, not eating well enough. 

Another thing that you must pay attention to is whether there are any issues with the food. Whatever you feed him, make sure it’s fresh and as per his preferences. Try following these simple tips to keep food fresh

  1. Check all expiration dates and throw away any food that has expired. 
  2. Check the ingredients. Your pet’s diet shall be mostly nutritious along with a few snacks. Nutritious food will keep his metabolism strong and health levels up.
  3. Say bye-bye to high-sugar treats. Instead allow him to eat fresh fruits as treats as they can easily work as substitutes for sugary snacks.
  4. Let him properly sit before he starts eating and also make sure he chews his food enough and slowly. 
  5. Give him more fiber. Add whole grains to his diet and watch his digestion improve gradually.

Keep another thing in mind. Your dog might also have preferences in eating. Immediately switching up his eating preferences might also make him lose his appetite. For example, if your dog loves eating treats often and all of a sudden you throw away all the treats, he might be upset. Pets are sensitive and find it hard to adjust to new habits almost immediately. Instead, try to lower the quantity of treats you offer to him and slowly start replacing it with a healthier alternative.

Why Is My Dog Not Eating Enough But Drinking Water Properly?

Change In Environment 

Can dogs eat less food but drink enough water due to stress? Well, yes!  Dogs tackle stress and anxiety too but unlike humans, it is quite hard to tell. We’re listing a few initial symptoms of stress in dogs. Take a look

  1. Yawning 
  2. Panting 
  3. Excessive sweating 
  4. Ears pinned back
  5. Whale eye 
  6. Disturbed sleep pattern

If your dog is showing any of these symptoms, chances are he might just be stressed. Sometimes even the slightest changes like switching up his meal timings or there being new people in your home could hamper his eating habits. 

However, this is not a serious issue. If your dog is eating less but drinking enough water due to stress, it will only last a couple of days after which he will go back to eating normally like he used to do. 

So try to make the environment comfortable for him to thrive in. The more loved and comfortable he feels, the better he eats!

Why Is Your Dog Eating Less Food But His Water Intake Remains Healthy?

Did you know? Humans can last up to 3 days without water and around 2-3 weeks without food. However, that’s not the case with dogs. Dehydration can start leaving symptoms as fast as within 24 hours in dogs. Your pet shall have an optimum water consumption level. 

Signs of dehydration in dogs can be:

  1. Dryness of hums
  2. Thickening of saliva 
  3. Panting 
  4. Dry nose

As long as these signs don’t pop up you are good but give your furry water as soon as you notice even the slightest of these symptoms.

But what if there are no symptoms of dehydration and still your dog is eating less food but drinking water normally?

Then, this can indicate that your pet is facing some regular health issues like an infection, jaw pain or gastrointestinal problems. This is because serious illness in dogs like cancer or pancreatitis makes dogs not even drink water for long hours.

When To Rush To The Vet?

Now, here comes some serious talk. Let’s discuss when can ‘dog not eating food but drinking water’ be taken seriously and a visit to the vet doc becomes a must

Scroll down and go through this quick questionnaire. 

  • If your dog is drinking water normally, then loss of appetite might be because of nausea or jaw pain. See the veterinarian if symptoms persist for a few days consistently. 
  • If your dog has stopped eating and drinking water altogether and gets annoyed after even catching a glimpse of food, see the vet almost immediately. Do not ignore or delay this at any cost. 
  • If your dog has not been eating anything for the past 24 hours but still drinking water this should not be taken lightly either. Book an appointment to the vet and let him receive a diagnosis and proper medication.

For a dog owner, the loss of a pet’s appetite can be troublesome. Instead of worrying, take matters into your own hands and check whether your pet needs a vet and when he needs it. If it’s something normal like jaw pain or stress, eating less can be fixed with a few lifestyle changes. But a complete full stop on food shall, in no case, be ignored. Ultimately, only with professional examination the underlying causes of your dog not eating food but drinking water can be determined. 

So treat him and keep your furry friend healthy with a proper diet.

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